Multi-User Conference Search

Where have all the results gone?

This machine is in the european union and the GDPR enforcement begins at 2018-05-25. Republishing and conveyance of content obtained from sources other than the same user-agent accessing this computer, whether that be via http or gopher, autonomously, also fits some definitions of an Electronic Communication Service that is expected to attract regulation in future.

I cannot determine if the crawled and then served data infringes privacy, so safest option is to remove everything except my own server from results for now. At the time of writing the lists and other search engines can continue to be used to find xmpp servers, as that information may not be volunteered to this service.

Muculumbus published a statement on GDPR compliance, thus in many respects can be deemed a successor to MUCsearch, though notice statement on request logging.

There are also lists of active servers maintained by others

Post-GDPR Ideas

A fully compliant replacement would need to find a way that means user content never transits the server, thus retaining immunity from requirements to edit content, and use XMPP call functions in browser.

This means that users use their own JID to index servers and provide their own masterlist. For the ultimate in privacy, each user should probably index all servers for itself thus not revealing to others interest in particular search strings except to a computer under its own control.


The remainder of this page may be historical:

MUCSearch was intended to provide the most complete index of federated XMPP services with details for conferences. This exists to show the existence of users choosing open communication

Access is possible via http and with https. To verify the certificate, use DNSSEC with DANE/TLSA in domain issued certificate mode, otherwise you may get a certificate warning.

Example Result

Example! EX Example conference text
The Description for this entry appears here. Please read to see if there are comments on use. d 0000-00-00 00:00:00

In occupants mode below the entry we present the list of features declared, the list of occupants if available at the time of indexing and a graphic from the domain vCard photo element if that is provided.


We really do want to have the most complete index, but need to consider any legal information restrictions, and intend to put the server welfare before that…

For equanimity, I plan to include the federated systems I can find here, though I do prefer to see evidence the systems owner wishes itself be known, such as interaction with another server or the owner publishes a web page in english revealing its existence.

If you require SSL/TLS note we are DNSSEC signed only at present.

Many services do forget to add SRV records for their components and are bothersome to index if it is possible at all, or return errors when accessed via disco, if that is you do consider fixing it ☺ On the other side, this does not make servers private, luckily there is nothing like robots.txt for XMPP, and it would be rather nicest to see sucessful disco results that are empty or have some entries omitted if an operator does wish to hide some or all rooms or services from our results, instead of errors. I do not consider this to be cloaking but please treat our domain jids alike. Also output on some pages is influenced by IP address, we warn User-Agents of this by including the http header Vary: *

These features were accessed:

Can I link?

Permission to link is not needed though now recommend newer replacments to this system.

If using Google Chrome and cannot examine newer stylesheets, the user interface did not provide a way then place the following in the address bar while viewing this page to choose:

javascript:cn=document.querySelectorAll("[rel=stylesheet]")[0];cn.setAttribute('href',window.prompt("Select Stylesheet",cn.getAttribute("href")));

Server vCards

If your server and components do not already offer the option to configure vCards for the domains they serve, many XMPP servers use an SQL database as the backend and may have a table that stores vCard data for the users.

For example, on my server I can set a user temporarily with the vCard data desired, then using the SQL console, copy this record to new entries for the domains served without the local-part, this may work even without editing the server source code slightly.


You can still join our chatroom. Note that we may not be present all the time so please do idle one joined! ☺

Other search services remain welcome to index our domain

I would like to move this site to a persistent domain although bound by geographic location rather than time!